John Dale Beckley

Digital Marketing Professional, specialising in Tourism & Personal Branding.

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In a few words: an experienced and valuable marketing professional specialising in digital media and in the hotel and travel industries.

John is currently engaged as a marketing consultant and social media team leader for Resort Development Organisation (RDO), Europe’s timeshare industry association. His company, CanaryPR, is tasked with helping RDO and its member resorts embrace the digital transformation and engage people more effectively through the social media.

He is also currently developing a personal branding course and job training for hotel community managers.

All I know about hotel marketing and social media I learned by getting busy doing... reading industry leaders blog posts, experimenting, creating great content, evaluating results, stepping back, thinking again … I learn by doing!

Effective use of all top social media applications: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Linkedin, Flickr, Google +, YouTube etc. Mentoring, coaching, personal branding and training.


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

2012 2016

Sands Beach Resort

Marketing Manager

2009 2016

Tenerife Magazine

Marketing & Sales

2000 2014


1996 1999

Pearly Grey Ocean Club

Sales & Marketing Manager

2012 2016

Sands Beach Resort

Marketing Manager

Responsible for management and growth of the Sands Beach Resort, Sands Beach Active and Lanzarote International Marathon brands. Instigating innovative approaches to social media engagement such as media trips and video production, the Sands Beach Resort brands have flourished and now have strong, consistent engagement with customers and partners on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Flickr. Under John's guidance, Sands Beach Resort has become an award winning social media umbrella brand within which each departmental brand has a flourishing relationship with its customers and suppliers, managed directly by the teams responsible.

2009 2016

Tenerife Magazine

Marketing & Sales

Tenerife's first online lifestyle magazine featuring articles, news, events and initiatives from across the island. m

2000 2014


Set up and grew a web design consultancy company specializing in SEO optimization and the development of digital transformation through social media.

1996 1999

Pearly Grey Ocean Club

Sales & Marketing Manager

Part of the Management team working on all aspects of Marketing and Sales for the Resort, overseeing administrative procedures for accounts and follow up of sales.


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

1993 1996

Institute of Marketing Management (IMM)

Marketing and Business Management

What I learnt at the IMM was pre Internet . Each and every day I'm discovering something new about Digital Marketing .


Take a look at a few of my favorite projects I’ve started or been a part of during the course of my career.

Tenerife Magazine

Proud to be founding member of the Tenerife Magazine

Lanzarote Marathon

I was the marketing Manager for the Marathon from 2012 until 2015.

Inbound Marketing Award

Sands Beach Resort wins Valuable Content Gold Award

Tenerife Magazine

Tenerife’s premier independent online magazine, featuring lively original coverage and commentary on news, events, culture, and life in Tenerife.
Tenerife, Canary Islands

Lanzarote Marathon

Lanzarote International Marathon takes place in December along a coastal strip on the island of Lanzarote, covering the towns of Costa Teguise, Arrecife, San Barlotomé and Puerto del Carmen. It has four distances and six modalities, rewarding each of the different categories by age and gender.

Inbound Marketing Award

Proud to have been leading the team at Sands Beach Resort that were awarded the Valuable Content Gold Award


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Online Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media

Google Analytics

Personal Branding


Social Networking


Public Relations

Google Adwords

Web Marketing


Marketing Strategy

Online Advertising

Blog Marketing



Inbound Marketing

Brand Development

Web Content


Web Design

Digital Marketing


Event Management

Hotel Community Manager

Strategic Planning

Marketing Communications

Business Strategy



Digital Media


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Camilla Ottens

reported to John Dale at Sands Beach Resort

John his professional advice helped me to build my own brand on social media. He knows exactly what's happening in the online world and taught me all the ins and outs of social media and their functions. John is an amazing person who is always positive about anything and always tries to get the best out of everything that is coming on his path. I was lucky enough to work with him for 5 months and that was a great experience, John is a person you can trust and he gives you constructive criticism about the work you do. He also likes to know all the ideas and opinions of employees to get the best teamwork, which I appreciated a lot while working with him.

Simon Turkas

reported to John Dale at Sands Beach Resort

John has a fantastic level of energy and enthusiasm and always puts 110% into his work. He is highly knowledgeable about marketing and has a lot of great ideas. He is constantly reading and researching in order to stay ahead of the field, and bring relevant strategies to the marketing team. He has contributed strongly to the high level of social media engagement that exists at Sands Beach Resort between staff and clients, and has ensured that Sands Beach is leading the field in the Canary Islands with relevant, engaging online content.

Ignacio Rilo Morales

worked indirectly for John Dale at Sands Beach Resort

Always innovating and trying to improve, never affraid to try new things and think out of the box. He truly enjoys his work to the fullest, always recycling himself to stay on the top. His great conection with the clients of the hotel, help him reach an excellent level of satisfaction. A true colleague who is more than happy, to teach and show his passion to everybody who is interested. It was a pleasure to work with John.

Mark Fountain

was a consultant or contractor to John Dale at Sands Beach Resort

John is the most passionate and knowledgeable person i marketing i have ever met, his skill for thinking outside the box is just fantastic! I have worked with John on many projects and he is always great fun!!

Miguel Montoya Thomas

reported to John Dale at Sands Beach Resort

Joh has been a great marketing manager. He is always up to date with the last marketing and social media tools. He tries to improve each day and he cares about his team. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I would always advice somebody to take him into account and to work with him.

Ekaterina Jensen

worked directly with John Dale at Sands Beach Resort

John is always full of new ideas and improvements!! Very innovating and a great menthor for the social media world

Kim Edwards-Buarque

worked indirectly for John Dale at Sands Beach Resort

John is a leading Social Media player at the forefront of online marketing and with a fantastic insight into his customer base. He is a constant source of inspiration with endless enthusiasm for the product he represents, which has a contagious effect on those who are fortunate enough to work with him.

Andrea Montgomery

worked directly with John Dale at Tenerife Magazine

John is a professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable digital marketing specialist who loves nothing more than to help others to reach their business goals. When Jack and I were just starting out on the blogging and social media road it was John who equipped us with the knowledge and enthusiasm to establish our own personal brand. Loyal, honest and hard working, John has remained a business mentor and a great friend ever since.

David Parkes

worked directly with John Dale at

John has a thoughtful open-minded approach to business, not afraid to try new ideas and to measure and reflect on their success. John is great at making connections with people that matter and bringing new people into the fold. He's honest, trustworthy and has a strong approach to business ethics. John also has a conciliatory approach, he's good at building bridges and mending strained relationships. I guess instinctively he's a people person, someone who understands public relations and who is keen to leave people highly satisfied with a product or service. In the context of social media, John's grasp of PR and his knowledge of the internet is an asset to any organisation looking to advance their profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.

Jaime Rubiera Krahe

was John Dale's client

Es un placer trabajar con John, siempre atento, profesional, de trato fácil y cercano, y siempre ofreciendo mil y una nuevas propuestas para mejorar tu negocio y enfocarlo a tus necesidades. Sin dudarlo, recomendaría a John!

Mike Broeckaert

was John Dale's client

I wish I had listened to John's advice earlier on. He is clearly one of the people that is most clued up on social media that I have ever met. He saw it coming before it all happened. We are still working to make the most of the social media networks as it is clearly influencing business today. I highly recommend working with John if you need to know how to go about using the social media tools, building your site and getting it high up in the search engines. In fact....I think I'll be contacting him soon to see if he can evaluate how we've gone about it all and put me back on track!

Jean-Paul Pangalos Bastarrica

was John Dale's client

John has superior knowledge regarding the Internet and Online Marketing. He is a pioneer in his field who implements social media strategies and techniques to provide results. I am extremely pleased with the web pages he has designed for us and is a valuable asset for Gomasper.

John Goldacre

was John Dale's client

We have recently employed John's company on a project that was twelve months in the planning and a very important stratigic move for us. From our first meetings to outline our concepts, John and his team quickly grasped the importance to us and since that day have totaly committed their resources and ideas to bring together in a dynamic and positve way the concept to full working model, going beyond the initail brief to produce excellant results. John has worked closely with our team offering tremdous advice and assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending John and his team to anyone that is looking for a professional and results based company that is innovative, on time and great value for money.

Jean-Paul Pangalos Bastarrica

was with another company when working with John Dale at

I have been following John´s company- for a couple of years now and I´ve been impressed with his work and web design right from the start. Now that we have become his clients, it´s an absolute pleasure to work with him and his tema of dedicated web designers. I recommend choosing Sorted Sites if you are considering designing your webpage or are interested in social media marketing.

Isabelle Herteleer

was John Dale's client

With John even the hardest task is easy and in case of complications, he quickly gets everything solved. It is always a pleasure to work this way!

Ramon Sanchez Bruhn

was John Dale's client

I can highly recommend John for any works related with Internet.

Jack Montgomery

was John Dale's client

When I first approached John I had launched a website which had landed in obscurity, his advice and knowledge quickly moved my website to a prominant position in the search pages. John's ongoing support and networking skills have been invaluable to my business. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him.

Paul Johnson

was with another company when working with John Dale at

I have known John Beckley for about eight years. He has successfully developed his web design and internet marketing website, Sorted Sites, (, from its inception. His friendly approach to business clients, along with a detailed knowledge of his work, provides an excellent basis for clients to develop their projects with confidence. He is honest,reliable and hardworking. Visit to discover what he can offer and then contact him to discuss your requirements.

Alex Veccia

was John Dale's client

I worked in several Internet proyects with John throughout the years and is always being a pleasure because he showed so much interest in the success for the company. John is constantly getting updated with the latest trends in internet marketing and he shares this inmediatly with working colleagues and clients. I strongly recommend John and his team to develop a succesfull internet proyect.

Joe Cawley

was John Dale's client

John Beckley and his company, Sorted Sites, have provided an outstanding service for my online business, guiding me in all aspects of site creation and online marketing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sorted Sites for any company in need of boosting their online presence.

David Gilroy-Jones MCIJ

was with another company when working with John Dale at

John is an excellent and professional person to work with. I have known John a number of years and should the opportunity arise would be more than happy to collaborate with John again.

David A Wood

was John Dale's client

John and his team at Sorted Sites have provided some excellent work over the years and can be relied upon for their knowledge and input during and after the contract period. 'They know their onions' David A Wood

Isabelle Herteleer

was John Dale's client

John Beckley from Sortedsites has been our webmaster and webdesigner from the very beginning, and we have always received an excellent service, quick solutions and a unique way of working together, as he knows exactly what we want! Could not ask for anything better, we have always been and are totally content with his services!!!

Luigi Muto

was John Dale's client

I have worked with John for any years, first as a client, where his company provided our company with the latest technology for our company as well as e most professional services and technical help when needed. He and Sortedsites always answered and seponded to our our needs Secondly, as his pay per click manager, where he confirmed everything I knew was true about him, ie, High integrity, responsible. Expert in his field.

Julie Hume

was with another company when working with John Dale at

John Beckley and Sorted Sites are one of the very few internet and web design companies that I actively recommend to my contacts. The main reason for this is John's absolute belief in the importance of following up web design with online marketing support and the integrity with which he handles every business situation.


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